Lesson 5: Real Examples: Segmentation Meets Replenishment

Lesson 5: Real Examples: Segmentation Meets Replenishment

If you have already taken the Windsor Circle Academy on segmentation, then you might be able to guess where this is going! There are countless ways to segment customers and use those segmented groups in your replenishment campaigns to ensure you are offering personalized reorder emails at the right time for your differing consumer trends.

Below is a quick explanation about two different types of retailers and a brief outline on how they use replenishment campaigns to get results in their businesses.

 Campaign Example for B2B Retailers

 A great example of replenishment campaigns is MyBinding, one of the largest retailers in the United States for binding and laminating related products.


They currently have 43 different replenishment campaigns running, accounting for more than two-thirds of their total automated emails. The timing of the messages depends on the usage rate of the product, with emails triggered anywhere between four and eight weeks after the initial purchase date. Since customers often make purchases that contain multiple replenishable items, MyBinding has scheduled each product replenishment email to deploy on a specific day, ensuring customers do not receive more than one replenishment email on any given day.

MYBINDING: BOUND TO RETURN: See how they saw an increase in customer engagement by 400% with Automated Replenishment and Win-Back emails. Download this case study for access to email examples, data, and more.



Campaign Example for B2C Retailers

CleanWell, a retailer that provides safe, natural cleaning products, has seen success with automated replenishment messages. With the variety of soaps, detergents, and other cleaning agents offered, CleanWell found that many consumers would benefit from a replenishment campaign to ensure they were receiving their favorite products regularly.



CleanWell makes it easy for the customer to reorder their product of choice – they simply click on the product image in the email to be taken to the order page on CleanWell’s website.

Replenishment emails are key to adding value for your customers and help strengthen their relationship with your brand. These campaigns also drive repeat purchases and customer retention.

More specifically, CleanWell has increased their number of repeat buyers by 206% with data-driven automated emails. Building on this success, CleanWell is in the process of creating replenishment messages for additional products as well.

We have seen tons of different retailers use replenishment campaigns in a variety of ways to increase orders and encourage customer loyalty. If you would be interested in learning more about these case studies and examples, here are some resources to check out:

CoffeeForLess Webinar


Find out how you can use customer data to automate replenishment reminders, which typically see an RPE (Revenue Per Email) of 10x the industry average.


800Razors.com Webinar


Get the recording of Phil Masiello, CEO and Co-Founder of 800Razors.com, Caroline Riddle, Windsor Circle Partner Marketing Manager, and Matthew Ramos, WhatCounts Director of Customer Success, together discussing how 800Razors.com increased repeat buyers by 83% with data-driven lifecycle marketing.

This completes the 5th Replenishment Lesson. If you would like more information, we have free how-to guides, webinars, whitepapers and more at our Resource Center.