Lesson 1: Replenishment 101

The What, Why & How

The What:

Replenishment Campaigns are retail campaigns that encourage customers to reorder the same products. Using data to automate messages to their individual customers, retailers can know their customers’ needs before they do. The goal is to trigger replenishment emails at the right time in the product lifecycle.


The Why:

Why? Of course, you want your customers always buying from you! Replenishment campaigns are not only convenient for your customers, but they also drive loyalty as your customers are less likely to purchase from a competitor. Along with that, they help you understand their buying cycle minimizing the need for heavy discounts. Our clients running replenishment campaigns see a 7% lift in revenue and a 10% lift in orders.


The How:

Just like our lessons on segmentation, we will not be talking about the manual process for creating replenishment campaigns, as that would be a job for a data scientist! We will be walking you through steps to take while using software and tools to do the predictive work for you. Our first lesson will outline what is meant by predictive technology. Just think, how does Amazon always seem to know what you need to reorder? You can too with some help from data-driven software and quickly be in a place to start using your retail marketing best practices to wow your customers.

We have a number of resources you can use and download to get an understanding of how different retailers are using replenishment campaigns to drive sales, increase repeat buyers, and protect margins.

Feel free to take a look at these guides, webinars, and articles that you may find helpful:


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