Automated Replenishment Campaigns

You have probably seen how Amazon and many other retailers are cashing in with a steady stream of repeat buyers encouraged through timely, relevant and convenient reorder reminders. With these lessons you can arm yourself with both a plan and an understanding around what is needed to run these campaigns. Dig in!

Lesson 1: Replenishment 101

In this lesson you will get a quick overview of what replenishment campaigns are, why they are a no brainer for most online retailers and how you can plan to implement.

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Lesson 2: How to Use Technology to Predict & Automate

This lesson provides a more in-depth look into the uses for predictive marketing technology in running replenishment campaigns.

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Lesson 3: Best Practices - Part 1

Now that you have your technology in place to take care of the data science and automation, let’s walk you through some email-marketing best practices for replenishment emails.

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Lesson 5: Real Examples: Segmentation Meets Replenishment

What do B2B and B2C retailers have in common? They both are making money with replenishment campaigns. We've shared some top performing campaign examples along with the strategy and results behind them.

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