Valentine's Day Marketing Toolkit

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest shopping periods of the year, especially for online retailers. In fact, 25% of shoppers say they prefer to buy their Valentine’s Day gifts online.  Because of this, Valentine’s Day can be a highly competitive time, so it’s beneficial for retailers to develop email campaigns that will stand out in their customers’ inboxes.

We’ve got the tools to help you rock your email marketing campaigns this Valentine’s season – captivating subject lines, strategic content, segmented personalization and more.

Read on to learn how you can make sure your customers feel the love and entice them to buy on this special occasion.

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The first months of 2016 present retailers with opportunities to create marketing campaigns that grow customer value well into the new year.

In this eBook, find out how to break the bad retail habits this year including key tips for the first holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day.


 Valentine’s Day Strategy

Valentine's Day Marketing Calendar

Marketers can stay on top of the competition with strategically timed email sends to segmented customer lists. Learn the key dates to run Valentine's Day email campaigns to ensure your campaign doesn't get lost in the inbox.

Data-Driven Love

Our Valentine's Day eBook is packed with step-by-step instructions for building key segments, real world examples of successful email campaigns, and myriad of best practices, tips, and tricks.

The Heart of Customer Retention

The engaged customer is a happy customer who will return again and again. With all the love in the air, Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to increase customer engagement.

 Email Examples

Top Promotional Campaigns

For retailers interested in sending promotions, coupons, and special offers for Valentine's Day, check out our examples of the top campaigns to show your customers love.

Design Email Examples

We have compiled the cleverest examples of Valentine's Day email campaigns that will help you create a successful marketing design strategy.

Winning Copy Examples

Our Valentine's Day email examples detail how online retailers are harnessing the power of data-driven promotions for this holiday of love. 


Targeting with Segments & Messaging

Learn how by segmenting your subscriber base and sending relevant messaging you can strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Top Email Campaigns by Segment

Learn about the top three Valentine’s Day customer segments: Last Year’s Valentine’s Buyers, Procrastinators, and Best Customers, and the top email campaigns for each group.

Share The Love

Personalization sways shoppers to make multiple purchases. Did you know that 32% of men and 30% percent of women are most likely to click on targeted offers when purchasing a Valentine's Day gift on a retailer's website? Learn how segmenting your customers to offer personalization unlocks new revenue opportunities. 

Go Big or Go Home

Retailers need to segment their customers and offer the most targeted promotions to maximize engagement. Neglecting to personalize these campaigns will result in missing key revenue driving opportunities. Learn how to get the most from holiday campaigns this Valentine's Day.

Subject Lines

100 Subject Lines 

Need some inspiration? We’ve compiled an extensive list of 100 Valentine's Day subject lines to give your creativity a jumpstart.

Subject Line Strategies

Once you’ve found your winning subject line(s), check out some of the methods behind other successful subject line strategies and email campaign content. 


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