Target Your Best One Time Customers

Customers Lifetime Purchases

Our integration solutions unlocks historical customer data from your eCommerce platforms to quickly ascertain up to 70 standard fields such as one-time buyers and repeat buyers. The "Frequency Actual" field is the actual total number of times each customer has purchased.

If you want to target one-time buyers and try to get them to purchase again, you simply head over to your email marketing dashboard create a customer segment:  WC_Frequency_Actual = 1. With the "1" equaling one-time customers.

Target Amount Spent

The Spend Rank is another one of our fields that target the many parameters associated with the amount a customer has spent. A customer who purchased a large ticket item they would be assigned a larger spend rank: WC_Spend_Rank = 1 (the best) and a customer who purchased a small item will be assigned a lower spend rank: WC_Spend_Rank = 4 (the worst).

Big Spenders Segment

But using the two segments: customers who purchased large ticket items (WC_Spend_Rank = 1) yet only purchased once (WC_Frequency_Actual = 1) you now have a stacked segment of Big Spenders.

Using Email Marketing to Increase Sales

With the Big Spenders segment you can leverage customer purchase history to identify those one time buyers who statistically have the highest propensity to spend more. You can send an incentive based email campaign offering discounts to big spenders or just simply remind these customers that they are missed. 

Smart lifecycle marketing programs are driving amazing customer retention rates for our clients and increasing customer lifetime value.

You don't need an army of engineers, database analysts, and vendors that help them pull this off. You can get your commerce data... today.   You can run sophisticated segments...  today.  You can set up great triggered marketing like post purchase thank you, surveys, rewards, and promotions... today.

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