Working Person's Store

The case study details how the online destination for quality, name brand work apparel made over $500k in 6 months by personalizing product recommendation emails.

By following Windsor Circle’s 9 Pillars of Retention Automation framework Working Person's Store made over $420k in a 6 month period with Pillar #5: help your customers enjoy more. 

By using purchase history data Working Person’s store helped their customers by sending 3 types of emails that were relevant to them. They earned 76% of their total 6 month revenue from the following:

  • product recommendations 
  • hot combo emails
  • custom promotions

Working Person’s Store also grew revenue with a series of successful campaigns that jointly created more than $88k in revenue:

  • win back your churning customers
  • best customer rewards
  • thank your customers
  • welcome new subscribers

Download the Working Persons Store: Heavy Duty Personalization case study and learn how Windsor Circle helped Working Person's Store see an ROI of more than 50x from data-driven lifecycle marketing and reach 207% higher open rates for emails compared to their average rates for the same time period.