Spangler Candy

The case study highlights how the manufacturer of 10 million Dum Dums each day, implemented the 9 Pillars of Retention Automation to see great successes with each new data-driven email to the program.

“We sent out Windsor Circle enabled emails on 9/16/13, and the result was a 2.38x lift from our average weekday sales number (our sales skew toward the weekdays and are lower on weekends).

It was also our single highest day of revenue thus far, since our start in e-commerce in 1998.”

- Jim Knight, VP Marketing / E-Commerce, Spangler Candy

Save Your Churning Customers!

Every retailer has dormant customers on their email list, but not every retailer can easily identify and email those customers who haven’t purchased in a while. These customers need a special kind of message, one that compels them to re-activate and start spending again.

Windsor Circle helped Spangler Candy segment customers who had not purchased for more than 6 months but no more than 3 years ago, and developed a “Win Back” email series.

Win Back Campaign Results

Subject: We've Missed You!
To: Any customer who purchased 3 years prior

30.1% Open Rate  (1.7 times 2013 list avg.)
9.1% Click-through Rate  (2.2 times 2013 list avg.)

Access the Spangler Candy: Sweet Success case study to see how this single email, leveraging data to send a targeted message to lapsed customers who may have otherwise disappeared for good, resulted in the majority of revenue on Spangler’s highest eCommerce day ever.