The case study details how the leading provider of anti-aging skin care products saw over 50x ROI by segmenting weekly emails and automating customer retention

SkinMedix was using batch and blast emails for marketing, with little success. After implementing Windsor Circle’s Customer Retention Software they were able to send personalized emails through customer segmentation. With over 50x ROI SkinMedix is expected to make over $1MM in a year!

SkinMedix was able to appeal to each type of customer and send relevant emails. For instance, two types of win-back campaigns were used: one for single send promotions to their win-back segment, and a 3-part automated win-back campaign for churning customers.

By segmenting their customers, SkinMedix saw an incredible increase in open and click rates.

Average Open Rates before Windsor Circle: 14.2%
Average Click Rates before Windsor Circle: 1.6%

Increase in Open Rates for Best Customer Campaigns with Windsor Circle: 72%
Increase in Click Rates for Best Customer Campaigns with Windsor Circle: 168%

Download the SkinMedix: Smooth Segmentation case study to learn which of our email series increased open rates by 163% and click rates by 280%!