Criquet Shirts

The Case Study highlights how this sustainable, stylish, and organic apparel provider, augmented conversion rate and globally increased subscriber engagement across 3 targeted email campaigns.

Our Retention Automation Solution imported eCommerce data directly into their email marketing platform - unlocking the ability to segment customers by: Big Spenders, Date of Last Transaction, and Product Purchase history to create data-driven email campaigns,

"Big Spenders" segment drove a 2.8x higher than average subscriber open rate.

"Date of Last Transaction" segment which targets customers who had not purchased in a specified period of time, achieved an open rate of over 50%

"Product Purchase" segment triggered after a specific product purchase, seen a 1.4% conversion in additional product purchased 

Download the complimentary CriquetShirt: Using Segmentation to Further Subscriber Engagement case study to dive into how this eCommerce retailer increased subscriber open rates from 27% to almost 75% and click-though rates 5% to 32% by automating segmented email campaigns.