The case study details how the Internets coffee shop leveraged purchase history data imported, by Windsor Circle, from their eCommerce platform into their email marketing software, in order to create automated retention email campaigns for the following customer segments:

  • Churning customers (no orders in 90+ days)
  • Repeat and first time buyers (1 or 2 purchases)
  • Best customer (need to have 3+ purchases and a customer lifetime value of $500+)

Once these three segments were selected, three automated email series were created:

  • Win-back campaign for churning customers
  • Replenishment emails for repeat and first time buyers
  • Best customer emails for the best customer segment

"We were thrilled to make over half a million dollars in revenue in six months using data driven life-cycle marketing powered by Windsor Circle."
- Ben Kirshner, CEO,


Using data-driven marketing, CoffeeForLess saw a 66% increase in open rates and 125% increase in click rates when compared to their average open and click rates for the same time period the previous year.

CoffeeForLess was able to make the following by implementing these three types of campaigns:

  • Win-back series: Over $200,000
  • Replenishment emails: Over $150,000
  • Best customer emails: Over $200,000

Download the CoffeeforLess: Retention Perfectly Brewed case study to get an in-depth look at the emails and campaigns run by CoffeeForLess and learn more about data driven life-cycle marketing.