BulbAmerica.com is a top seller of online illumination solutions and utilizes our pre-built api connection to integrate customer data within the Magento eCommerce Platform directly to the MailChimp email marketing software.

“A large number of Magento users are likely unaware that they can pull their customer and product data into their email software, and use it to automate emails that make money all year long.”
- Corey Frons, CMO, BulbAmerica


BulbAmerica is targeting the Best Customers segment with loyalty emails, triggered based on RFM and retention scores - the “Best Customer” emails saw a 46% Open Rate, 3.1% Click Rate, and a 27x increase in conversions. An additional triggered email campaign to “Win Back” best customers who haven’t purchased in a pre-defined period of time saw a 38% Open Rate, 2.8% Click Rate, and 7x increase in conversion rates.

BulbAmerica is leveraging customer purchase history and product data in a number of segmented and automated emails that are triggered after a purchase. The “Welcome Series” sends up to 6 emails to a new customer over a pre-defined series of time, thanking them, welcoming them, offering tips, and, if they haven’t purchased again in a certain time period, suggesting they come back - with a special coupon.

Says Frons, “We’re getting good open rates (avg 12%) and ongoing conversions from these triggered emails.”

After running a number of MailChimp email campaigns triggered based on order data, it was discovered that these segmented, personalized, and automated email campaigns generate ongoing revenue 10x the monthly subscription price of Windsor Circle's solutions.

Corey reported that "Windsor Circle is my highest marketing ROI at 10x"

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