Twitter Cafe #ETCafe: Digital Retail

April 29th 2014

The #ETcafe questions that Windsor Circle discussed with ExactTarget related to Digital Retail.



  1. Do you think that retail is moving closer to the home? How?
  2. A customer has made their first purchase.  What ways can you use product data in follow-up marketing campaigns?
  3. A customer has purchased a product they will use up/need to replenish later. How do you ensure they re-order from you?
  4. You’ve got subscribers who haven’t yet made a purchase.  What data can you use to make targeted product recommendations?
  5. You’ve got products that tend to correlate - iPad & case, baseball bat & ball, Keurig & k-cups… how do you market hot combos?
  6. You’ve got shoppers who add items to their shopping cart, then abandon.  How are you recovering those abandoned carts?
  7. You’ve got excess inventory you really want to move. What kind of marketing works to move overstock?
  8. There are some products that correlate to big spenders, repeat buyers, or discount shoppers.  What could you do with this data?