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Windsor Circle publishes whitepapers, ebooks, and how-to guides for online retailers and digital marketers. We regularly host or participate in webinars, webcasts, and Twitter chats. Our team can also be found exhibiting at a variety of industry trade shows and user conferences. Make sure to check out our blog or subscribe to our weekly newsletter for the latest content. 

Client Spotlight:

Nathan Decker, eCommerce Manager at, talks about how he uses customer retention strategies to offset the known costs of customer aquisition, as well as create  a more personalized, unqiue experience for shoppers.

How-to Guides

Windsor Circle provides online retailers and other marketers with sophisticated tools to enable retention marketing to double repeat buyers.

Consider that the Lifetime Value of a repeat buyer is 4.8x higher than a one-time customer. This fact alone makes retention marketing an essential strategy to grow, sustain, and improve your online business. Email marketing is a powerful tool that when coupled with customer purchase history, location, social, demographic and other data, can enable highly targeted messages to distinct customer segments.

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Benchmark Reports

How does your marketing stack up? We've scoured our database to bring you industry specific benchmark reports based on key retention metrics, such as average order value (AOV), customer lifetime value (CLV), retention rate, and more. 

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Our past webinars and presentations contain a wealth of information, strategy tips, best practices, partner perspectives, and client successes.

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Whitepapers & eBooks

We encourage you to check out the free and informative research-driven best practices contained in our Whitepapers & eBooks

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Comparison Guides

Windsor Circle interacts with thousands of retail and eCommerce marketers, developers, and executives, and partners with a wide range of eCommerce and email marketing software providers.  Our own development and client success team spends a whole lot of time learning the ins and outs of all these platforms, in part so we can guide our clients, and in part so we can make good recommendations as retailers grow and experience changing needs and goals. 

To that end, we publish selective comparison guides to help eCommerce business' select technology providers appropriate to their needs.

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Free courses for retailers on all things marketing. From customer lifetime value to customer segmentation, we have the course for you.

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