Reorder Email Campaigns

No one likes to run out.

Reorder email campaigns allow you to get in front of your customers before they go to a competitor or buy at a reduced price.

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With reorder email campaigns, retailers can create loyal customers by estimating the buying cycle of a particular consumable product, based on aggregate factors like typical purchase behavior for the item, and then sending customers personalized reminder emails about reordering the product.

This proven email marketing strategy not only generates additional revenue, but retailers launching reorder email campaigns will also strengthen Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by providing customers with the personalized consumer experience they seek.

Using Windsor Circle’s personalization, segmentation, and Replenishment Automator, eCommerce retailers can send triggered reorder emails to customers to reorder a range of categories, such as: Food/beverage - K-cups, Co2 drinks, cartridges; Health/beauty - supplements, makeup; Accessories - fittings, filters; Business - paper products, office supplies.

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Win with Convenience 

For both you and your customers!

Are you still wasting valuable time trying to get the design and copy for every single product email just right?

This email was created with a template to that can be quickly replicated in a fraction of the time. Our responsive design email templates give you the control to easily create and edit your emails with countless design and format combinations.

The content is generated automatically based on what reorderable products the specific customer has purchased, their average time between purchases, and the product’s lifecycle.

Create Loyalty with Consistency 

Every online retailer’s goal is to build a loyal, happy customer base full of repeat buyers. And that’s especially true for companies that sell replenishable, or consumable, products.  However, it takes more than just competitive pricing and a well-designed webstore to keep customers coming back.

Simply put, shoppers consume goods at different paces. In the time it takes one customer to go through a single bottle of shampoo, another may go through three bottles.  With so little consistency, how are you supposed to know when it’s the right time to send your customers a reorder reminder? 

Stop guessing and know for sure. Our predictive data science helps retailers understand the individual buying pattern of repeat customers, and tailor re-marketing campaigns to each of their customers, automatically. Each individual buying pattern triggers a series of reorder emails based on the customer’s order history and the average time it takes them to use a product.   

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