Product Education and Customer Retention

Part one of our Know Your Customers, Keep Your Customers article series where we follow new customer Charles G., and discover how the AwesomeSauce brand uses our data-driven automated email marketing solutions to increase revenue and retain customers.

Cue: New HDTV Purchase

Charles G., a new customer, just purchased a fancybrand HDTV from AwesomeSauce Electronics.

What's next? AwesomeSauce Electronics sends an auto-responder to Charles G. with confirmation of purchase, estimated shipping date, and a few other standard details. Purchase cycle complete? No way.

Sure, the info in a default auto-responder could be considered "enough". But what consumer ever wanted enough when they can get more?

I prefer a retailer that just sends the least amount of information required by law.
                                                                                                                - no consumer EVER

Stay Competitive: out perform the competition in every way.

Using customer segmentation, you can send more than the standard "thank you for your purchase" canned reply. Use every purchase as an opportunity to engage with your customers - they are excited about purchasing a new HDTV from you, be excited with them.

With automated email campaigns triggered by customer segments, every customer who purchases and product with upsell potential can be sent a targeted email.

Fast forward, AwesomeSauce Electronics is now our client complete with integration, analytics and automation capabilities launched from directly within any email marketing platform. AwesomeSauce has the "products purchased" customer segment active that triggers a product education email for the fancybrand HDTV that was ordered by Charles G. that contains useful information.

It's clear to see how powerful customer segmentation is in the example email below. Charles G.'s triggered email already includes information about his particular HDTV model and compatible accessories. How convenient.

To: Charles G.
From: AwesomeSauce Electronics
Subject: Important Product Information about your NEW fancybrand HDTV!


Congratulations on your namebrand HDTV purchase Charles G.!


AwesomeSauce Electronics appreciates your business and to show our appreciation, we have complied a list of handy resources to help get your new fancybrand HDTV up and running.

A list of key features and technical specifications can be featured here.

Connecting your devices.

You're new fancybrand HDTV has 10 HDMI ports! Your HDMI-ready surround sound, cable/satellite box, gaming devices, MP4 player, PC and blu-ray player all need separate HDMI cables and some devices have both HDMI in and HDMI out connections. If you need extra HDMI cables, grab some now and save yourself a trip to the store later.


Before you mount your new HDTV, hide messy cords behind a wall with our easy-to-install "YouCantSeeMe" kit.


Don't forget - your new HDTV screen can be damaged by most of the chemicals found in common cleaning products, protect your investment with our "NoSmudge" HDTV cleaner and microfiber reusable cloth.

Easily include product links to compatible items for fancybrand HDTV. That's only a sampling. Don't forget power strips, universal remotes, routers etc


Manufacturer Links & Warranty Info

fancybrand site

Specific HDTV model URL


AwesomeSauce Electronics Shipping and Return Policies

A clear and confidant shipping and return policy increases customer trust. 

Analyze Customer Data

Powered by our Customer Retention Analytic Dashboard, AwesomeSauce Electronics easily measures how any triggered post-purchase email campaign is performing. When Charles G., opened the triggered post-purchase email, it reminded him that he planned on connecting his new gaming console to this HDTV, so Charles G., purchased 2 new HDMI cables.

One automated email, one segmented customer, two quick sales. It's that simple.

Customer for Life

The customer lifecycle of Charles G. has only begun. With our automated email marketing software, AwesomeSauce Electronics now uses customer segmentation to trigger product reviews requests, customer satisfaction surveys, and product recommendations all based on Charles G.'s purchase history.

And if Charles G. does not engage for a while, AwesomeSauce Electronics can automate customer retention email campaigns to win Charles G. back as a customer.

Possibilities are endless

A post-purchase product education email is one of the hundreds of ways that customer segmentation benefits email marketing success.

When return rates were high due to customers having trouble finding the correct ski boot fit from home, one of our clients, use an automated 3 part post-purchase email series to decrease return rates on this high grossing product.

The ways that exist to segment your customers is unlimited.