Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

Recapture Revenue from Abandoned Shopping Carts

Our powerful, automated abandoned shopping cart solution detects cart abandonment through your eCommerce platform and triggers a series of personalized cart recovery communications.  These automated shopping cart abandonment campaigns provide shoppers with rich content and product information on exact items that were left in the cart and links directly back to the product landing page.  

We enable anti-gaming technology, to ensure you aren't training your customers to abandon a cart for a discount. This technology flags users who have previously abandoned a cart and subsequently used a discount code found in the cart recovery series to receive a separate set of cart recovery emails, geared toward customer service instead of discounts.


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How it Works

Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment

When a potential customer provides an email address but does not complete the checkout process, a series of recovery emails are triggered to help guide the customer through purchase completion. You have the ability to automate shopping cart recovery emails that contain images of the products that were left in the shopping cart, as well as make dynamic product recommendations, offer assistance for troubleshooting any technical errors, and/or insert a coupon incentive.

Our Cart Recovery solution has a user-friendly interface that provides our clients with the ability to easily configure the timing of these triggered emails, the amount of optional incentives to offer, and the overall design of the email templates.

Marketers can easily access reportable metrics on cart recovery campaigns, such as click-through rate and the amount of recaptured revenue, from the data our solution populates within the retail analytics dashboard.

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Anti-Gaming Technology

Stop Intentional Cart Abandonment

Identify customers who are intentionally abandoning their cart for a discount and automatically serve them a separate cart recovery series that's void of campaigns. Using our proprietary algorithms we can detect your serial cart abandoners and serve them a customer service centric email series to help them complete their purchase at full price. 

Anti-Gaming Technology for Cart Recovery Campaigns

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Easy Configuration & Design

Simply Follow the Steps

Create customized, cart recovery campaigns, easily with your step-by-step wizard. Our system will guide you through set up, allowing you to:

  • import images
  • choose your brand colors
  • add dynamic product recommendations (optional)
  • update copy
  • create your email cadence
  • and more.

You will also set up your anti-gaming series during this part of the process. 

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Seamless Compatibility

An Easy Addition to Your Tech Stack

Our automated cart recovery module can easily be added to a multitude of ecommerce and email marketing platform configurations. Find your combination below and get started today. 

Abandoned Shopping Cart Integration

Shopping Cart Recovery Email Examples

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