Create Customer Profiles

Collect Powerful Behavioral Data

Browse Abandonment offers retailers the unique ability to track and collect known and unknown visitor behavior and apply it to the customer profile automatically.  This valuable data provides insight into the customer lifecycle, giving you a more complete, robust picture of your shoppers. The types of behavioral data we track includes:

  • Source of visit (Windsor Circle email, direct, paid search, etc.)
  • ID of the visitor from registration or by clicking from an email (to be tied to an actual customer when cookie information is returned to WC)
  • Device type
  • Time spent on site per visit (aggregated)
  • Time spent on individual product pages
  • Product detail pages viewed
  • Product categories viewed
  • Site search details for product or category
  • Number of times a product was viewed (aggregated)
  • Click behavior originating from an email
  • Product(s) added to the shopping cart
  • Dates of each visit (Visit 1: xx/xx/xxxx)
  • Time of day for visit (to target timing of send)
  • Geotargeting/location

This customer segmentation data can then be used to power future automated campaigns within the Windsor Circle platform. 


View examples of browse abandonment emails created by our clients or request a demo to get a full walk through of our behavioral tracking suite.