Turn Page Views Into Revenue 

Capture more revenue and customer data with Browse Abandonment

Every day, shoppers visit your site and, for whatever reason, leave before they make a purchase. These visitors represent a lot of missed revenue. Our Browse Abandonment email solution helps you win these customers back with dynamically-served content based on their shopping behavior.  

Automatically trigger emails to customers and subscribers who browse your site online store without making a purchase. Create emails using custom templates that leverage product, purchase and individual customer data to incorporate dynamic product recommendations and offer related promotions based on the product or category the customer viewed.

When compared to regular promotional emails, browse abandonment emails deliver, on average:


Optimize Customer Engagement

Happy customers are more likely to become repeat customers. Our Browse Abandonment solution helps ensure that the customer experience is relevant to their interests.

Using our advanced data science capabilities, you can dynamically serve subscribers and customers emails with the actual products or product categories they viewed on your site. Our dynamic and responsive templates give you the option to include dynamic product or category recommendations, as well as social sharing, and more.

How Browse Abandonment Campaigns Work

With so many emails in rotation at any given time, it can be hard to ensure that your consumers aren't being overwhelmed by email. Retailers can enable frequency capping to ensure their customers are receiving the right number of touches, and the right message at the right time. 

Safe, Secure, and Quick Installation

We’ve made implementing Browse Abandonment as simple and secure as possible. Windsor Circle leverages the power of Segment.io, one of the most trusted and widely-used JavaScript solution providers, to cookie and capture valuable customer data without slowing down your siteThe process involves applying a small snippet of JavaScript code to your website code. This code, which will help track the behavior of your website visitors, should not impact the speed or navigability of your website in any way.  Below is an example of how this code is generated. Note: this is sample javascript only and will not work on your site, even if you have a Shopify eCommerce site.

Shopify Java Code for Browse Abandonment

View examples of browse abandonment emails created by our clients or request a demo to get a complete walk through of our onsite tracking solution.