Powering Predictive Marketing in Social & Display

Expand your reach with social campaigns powered by predictive data. Using Windsor Circle, retailers can create campaigns that go beyond email to engage with customers where they consume media. Our data sets can be used across the board with a direct integration to Facebook, and Instagram, as well as the ability to import segments into other platforms to use for retargeting, display ads, acquisition, and more.

Facebook & Instagram Predictive Customer Value Module Use Cases

Create Custom Audiences Using the Same Data Email Teams are Using to Create a 20%+ Revenue Lift

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Facebook & Instagram

At the beginning of 2017, Facebook cited 1.86 billion monthly active users worldwide, a 17% increase year over year. Similarly, Instagram saw mobile ad revenue in 2016 of $595 million. As more users flock to social media platforms, retailers are spending more money retargeting and advertising on these mediums. With Windsor Circle's Custom Audience Solution, you can gain a competitive edge - build a segment based on product, purchase, customer, or even predictive data, automatically sync that segment with Facebook and create a relevant, well-timed ad to re-engage with your customers. 

How It Works

  1. Create your segments within Windsor Circle using our advanced segment builder
  2. Decide whether to push the segment one time to Facebook or sync (this will update nightly)
  3. Login to Facebook and set up your ad - you can choose to use your newly created segment as a custom audience or to create a look-a-like campaign
  4. Layer in Facebook demographic data as you see fit
  5. Set your budgets and timelines 
  6. Push your ad live via Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Networks

Other Platforms? 

While we currently have a direct integration with Facebook and Instagram, retailers can create and download a .csv file from Advanced Segment Builder and upload the list into any platform that they currently use to power predictive omnichannel campaigns. 

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Predictive Customer Value Module

The Predictive Customer Value Module (PCV) allows retailers to layer in even more predictive data. This add on to our existing data fields, is updated nightly and covers a rolling 12-month forecast of predictive customer attributes. These attributes include: 

  • Predicted Churn Probability
  • Predicted Future Orders
  • Predicted Future Spend
  • Predicted Future AOV

These data sets can be applied to customer segments using the Advanced Segment Builder and leveraged in email marketing, display advertising, social media marketing (including automatically syncing to Facebook and Instagram), paid search, retargeting, acquisition, and more. 

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Use Cases

Predictive Facebook Ads

Depending on your business and your goals, there are tons of different ad campaigns you can run using data. However; we thought we'd help you out and give you a list of some of the more popular ones our clients are using: 

One Time Push Campaigns

  • One day sales
  • Flash sales
  • Key holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Up-sell or cross sell opportunities based on past order data
  • Product Launches to niche categories and/or buyers loyal to one category


Synced Campaigns (Updated Nightly)

  • Look-a-like audiences: acquire new, loyal customers
    • Use your current best customers to find net new customers who fit the mold
    • Find new fans and product purchases using product data and demographic data
  • Cross-Channel Campaigns: create an echo chamber
    • Win-back campaign
    • First purchase calls to action
    • VIP coupon offerings for your best customers
    • Replenishment reminders for consumable goods 
    • Gift order reminders 


"The numbers really speak for themselves. We've tried other solutions for Facebook and weren't getting anywhere near our minimum of 10x ROI. We were excited by the ROI of this campaign." - Jake Hockenberry, Digital Marketing Manager, RightStufAnime.com

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