Powering Predictive Data in Email

With access to data and our proprietary predictive algorithms, retailers can create email marketing campaigns to reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time. Set up automated campaigns that trigger based on your customers' buying patterns, include dynamic product recommendations, power browse and search abandonment campaigns, and more. 

Predictive Triggers from Windsor Circle to Power Predictive Email Campaigns

According to a recent study by Forrester Consulting, predictive marketers are 2.9x more likely to report revenue growth at rates higher than the industry average. Retailers who embrace predictive marketing are gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace by standing out from the pack. We integrate with most leading eCommerce and email marketing platforms to help retailers gain access to their data in an actionable way. Here are just a few examples of campaigns you can run to grow customer lifetime value and increase revenue with predictive data. 

Predictive Marketing Email Examples

Retailers using Windsor Circle are seeing great returns by implementing the following campaigns:

Retention Automators Predictive Product Replenishment Browse Abandonment or Site Search Campaigns Cart Recovery with Anti-Gaming Technology Custom Automators

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Powering Predictive Data in Email

Retention Automation

Our retention automators include key campaigns, such as: 

  • Win-Back
  • Best Customer
  • Welcome Series
  • Product Recommendations 
  • Post Purchase Thank You Series 
  • and more

Set up within the Windsor Circle app, using our WYSIWYG editor, you control the copy, social sharing icons, product recommendations, and more. Additionally, you have the ability to set frequency caps and rank order your automators to ensure you're sending the right message. 

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Powering Predictive Data in Email

Predictive Product Replenishment

Retailers with consumable products are in a unique position to get in front of their customers on a regular basis with predictive product replenishment emails. Our platform enables retailers to set up a series of emails to trigger based on an individual's consumption patterns and ensure your customers never run out of their favorite products again. Clients using our predictive product replenishment automator see: 

  • RPE of $0.46 (4x the industry average) 
  • 7% lift in total revenue
  • 10% lift in orders


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Powering Predictive Data in Email

Browse Abandonment & Site Search Campaigns

Track online behavior to trigger browse abandonment and site search campaigns based on an individual's activities on your website. We track known and unknown guests on your site and assign them a unique customer ID. If there's an email address associated with the visitor, you can trigger a browse abandonment or site search campaign to reengage the customer, if there's no email address associated with the visitor, we save their browse and search data to create a 360-degree profile that's ready to use once an email address is received. 

  • Turn page views into revenue
  • Optimize engagement
  • Create dynamic emails
  • Augment customer profiles
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Powering Predictive Data in Email

Cart Recovery with Anti-Gaming Technology

Recover abandoned carts with our cart recovery solution. Automatically trigger a series of emails when a cart is abandoned - you can set the discount, content, copy, and even add in dynamic product recommendations. Ensure your customers aren't trying to game the system with our anti-gaming technology - our system looks for trends in purchasing behavior to decide whether to serve the regular cart recovery series, or a series that doesn't include discounts, helping to protect your margin and drive business.

  • Dynamic emails
  • User-friendly interface
  • Access to reportable metrics, such as revenue per email, click-through-rate, conversion, etc. 
  • and more
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Powering Predictive Data in Email

Custom Automators

Using our advanced segment builder, create a segment and a corresponding automated campaign, such as: 

  • Birthday Email
  • Purchase Anniversary
  • Threshold and Loyalty Rewards Campaigns
  • Event notifications for brick & mortar locations
  • and more 


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