Advanced Segment Builder

Sophisticated Customer Segmentation at Your Fingertips

Windsor Circle’s Advanced Segment Builder helps retailers instantly create complex customer segments based on multiple data sets including product, purchase, and customer data. Export these segments into your ESP and Facebook automatically or export a .CSV that you can import into the platform of your choice to provide your customers with the most relevant products, messaging, and promotions. 


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How It Works

Create Complex Segments without Barriers

Create Segments Quickly and EasilyQuickly and easily create complex segments based on multiple data sets, such as score, customer, product, order, and custom fields. Whether you want to create a custom segment or use on of our starter templates, all of your fields (including custom fields) will be available in segment builder, as well as, predictive and scored fields that we provide.  

With our user-friendly interface, create complex segments using unlimited and/or and advanced filter capabilities. Once the segment is created, you can export it directly into your ESP of choice, use it with your Windsor Circle automators, automatically sync to Facebook, or export a .CSV and use the list in the platform of your choice. See metrics on your custom segments and understand customer lifetime value, average order value, latency and more for each segment you create.


Combining Your Data to Create Predictive Segments

Segment Recipes

Hone in on high-value audiences easily with Windsor Circle Segment Recipes. We've done the heavy lifting for you, simply click on the segment within the Windsor Circle App to activate it for email, social, and cross-channel campaigns. We've created 30+ recipes to help you target key customers, including...

Nurture Your Customers | Windsor CircleNURTURE

  • Customer Purchased X, but Not Y
  • First Purchase Anniversary
  • New Repeat Customer 

Reminder Your Customers About Upcoming PurchasesReminder

  • Upcoming Gifter
  • Upcoming Repurchaser
  • Upcoming Replenishment
  • Category/Product X Purchased within Timeframe

Reward Your VIP CustomersReward

  • Best Customer
  • Future Best Customer
  • Future Biggest Spender

Recover Your Churning CustomersRecover

  • High Predicted Churn
    • All, Best, Repeat, Loyal, or Future Best Customers
  • Past Due
    • All, Best, Repeat, Loyal, or Future Best Customers

Custom Segment Analytics

Understand the Value of Your Segments

Before pulling the trigger, understand the value of your newly created segment. For each segment, we'll show you: 

  • the number of customers
  • your rules in "plain language" to ensure you've set up everything the way you intended 
  • total revenue from your segment 
  • number of orders
  • average order value
  • customer value 
  • latency 

Throughout the Windsor Circle suite, you can access other analytics by segment to understand, key days of the week and times of day to send emails, acquisition sources, geographical information, and more. 

Layer in Predictive Fields

Advanced Segment Builder gives retailers access to certain predictive fields, such as Predicted Gender and Predicted Next Order Date. Retailers can choose to augment this data even further with our Predictive Customer Value Module (PCV). This module gives you access to more predictive data sets, including

  • Predicted Churn Probability
  • Predicted Future Spend
  • Predicted AOV
  • Predicted CLV
  • and more
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What is Customer Segmentation?

Customer segmentation is the act of dividing your customer's into different cohorts based on any number of criteria, such as how frequently they purchase, how much they spend, the products or categories they purchase from, location, and more. In a recent study by MailChimp, it was reported that email campaigns that employed customer segmentation saw 13% higher open rates and click rates increased 52% when compared to average engagement rates of non-segmented promotional email campaigns. Need some ideas for your segmented promotions? Look no further, check out our segmented promotional campaign examples.


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