Retention & Retail Analytics

Turn Observations into Action

Windsor Circle's Platform helps retailers increase repeat purchases by giving them access to the data they need to make smart marketing decisions. Our retail analytics suite arms retailers with the ability to turn key observations into actions by enabling and implementing data-driven, lifecycle marketing campaigns. After integrating with your eCommerce platform, we pull 3 years of product, purchase, and customer data, layer on our predictive algorithms, and make actionable and strategic recommendations on how to increase your revenue and grow repeat sales.

Retention Analytics & Actionable Data

Metrics by Segment

Know Key Metrics by Custom Segments

Gain key insights on custom segments that you build in the Windsor Circle App. Once you've created a new segment you can select the segment from a drop down list on any chart to view metrics, such as:

  • customer lifetime value (CLV),
  • average order value (AOV),
  • latency,
  • revenue,
  • coupon usage,
  • email metrics, such as revenue by hour of day and day of week,
  • geographic information,
  • and more.
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Find Your Optimal Marketing Cadence

Automatically identify the average number of days between purchases and understand general buying behavior. Create key marketing campaigns, such as:

  • predictive win-back,
  • segmented promotions using the right incentive for your churning customers,
  • email preference notifications (allow your customers to engage with you on their own terms),
  • automatic product recommendations based on latency date,
  • and more

to decrease the number of days between purchases. 

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Product Trends

Identify Hot Ticket Items

Deep dive into your product catalog and understand which products are your fastest rising items (by any time period), top products by revenue and number of orders, and customer lifetime value. Similarly, you can slice your data by category and understand your top categories by revenue, number of orders, customer lifetime value, and more.

You can use this information to:

  • hone in on customers who have purchased from your list of fastest growing items and up-sell
  • create segmented promotions to push your fastest rising items to customers who have not purchased them 
  • frame your website strategy: what products should you be pushing? hero image updates?
  • influence your paid advertising strategy - use lists of people who have purchased these items to create look-a-like campaigns, create new ads for Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. 
Retention Analytics & Actionable Data

Revenue Lift

See Which Campaigns Work

Know which campaigns are working and which ones aren't with revenue lift. We break down your metrics by campaign and overall lift, so you can:

  • understand how to optimize your campaigns based on individual email performance.
  • report on your ROI.
  • get insights into how your automated campaigns stack up against other email campaigns and marketing initiatives.


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Retention Analytics & Actionable Data

Acquisition Metrics

Find Your Most Valuable Traffic Source

We compile data from Google Analytics on traffic source by product SKU, to bring you metrics, such as customer lifetime value by source and purchase frequency by source. Create a more profitable acquisition strategy by identifying your most valuable acquisition channels.

Hear from Nathan Decker, eCommerce Director of, as he explains how he uses acquisition and retention together to create a winning marketing strategy.

Retention Analytics & Actionable Data

Ongoing & Historic Analysis

Create a Plan of Attack

Since we pull in 3 years of product, purchase, and customer data, you can gain a better understanding of how your business has changed over the years. You'll have access to key metrics, such as

  • customer retention rate,
  • customer lifetime value,
  • product trends,
  • average order value,
  • and revenue.

Slice and dice the data using our custom segment builder, track historic and ongoing coupon usage, and more.

Learn more about predictive lifecycle and retention marketing, as well as view examples of popular campaigns.

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