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Windsor Circle's predictive marketing platform helps retailers optimize marketing campaigns based on customer, purchase, and behavioral data insights and create a customer centric marketing strategy



  • Know Which Channels Deliver: with our automated, ongoing analysis of acquisition source and transaction data, retailers can easily identify top performing channels by a range of metrics, including AOV, CLV, and retention rates.
  • Deliver Smarter Content at the Perfect Time: Our customer retention, product replenishment, and cart recovery programs incorporate both dynamic product recommendations, and predictive re-order dates to ensure that relevant and personalized messaging is sent to the customer at the right time...every time. 
  • Stop Training Your Customers to Cheat the System: Our Cart Recovery product incorporates Anti-Gaming technology to automatically detect "intentional" cart abandonment and remove discount codes from select recovery emails to optimize results.
Predictive Marketing


Turn Jane Doe into Jane Dough

Gender plays a critical role in consumer behavior; with so much on the line can you afford to have doubts about whether your marketing is resonating with its intended recipient? Windsor Circle's Predictive Gender targeting gives retailers the ability to segment campaigns based on gender (with 99% accuracy).

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Predictive Marketing


1:1 Mass Personalization

Retailers can leverage our hot combo and product recommendation predictive features to include dynamic product recommendations in email campaigns, to ensure customers are seeing products they're actually interested in purchasing.


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Predictive Marketing


Don't Let Customers Slip Through The Cracks

Using data science, we determine individual order dates unique to customers based on their purchase history and behavior. This data set enables retailers to set up automated replenishment or re-order campaigns for their consumable products, as well as win-back campaigns that trigger based on the buying cadence, or lack their of, for each individual customer.


Product Replenishment Predictive Win-Back
Predictive Marketing


Stop Intentional Cart Abandonment

Windsor Circle's proprietary anti-gaming technology ensures retailers don't train their customers to abandon their cart for a discount. Our algorithm looks for patterns in buying behavior and blocks customers who have abandoned a cart for a discount in the past from receiving a cart recovery email with an incentive. Instead, serial abandoners will receive a separate cart recovery series focused on customer service and helping the customer complete their order at full price. 



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Predictive Marketing

Predictive Customer Value Module

Take Your Predictive Marketing Omnichannel

Windsor Circle's Predictive Customer Value (PCV) module ensures that you're maximizing your data across every marketing channel. We generate customer insights based on past purchase behavior and turn these insights into a predictive attributes model. The Predictive Customer Value module is available within Windsor Circle, enabling retailers to easily create segments and apply predictive data to automated campaigns, or as an exported .csv that retailers can use to power marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including: 

  • display advertising
  • retargeting
  • product listing ads
  • paid search
  • social media advertising
  • direct mail
  • sales call lists 
  • and more

Updated nightly, the PCV module offers a rolling 12-month forecast of predictive customer attributes, such as Predicted Churn Probability, Predicted Future Spend, Predicted Next Order Date, and more. 

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