Customized Retention Automation

Solutions for Your Specific Needs

To succeed in today’s eCommerce environment, you have to stand out from the crowd with content and messaging that is hyper-targeted to your individual customers. Your campaigns need to reach customers at every stage of the lifecycle

With our Custom Campaign Automators, retailers can quickly and easily create, manage and analyze automated retention campaigns to meet almost any business need. So no matter which stage of the customer lifecycle your audience is in, you can reach them with a timely and personalized message. 

Customized Automated Lifecycle Emails

Custom Campaign Automators let you build marketing campaigns based on countless combinations of datasets and conditions. Some of our more popular automated retention campaigns include:

How Does It Work? 

Retailers are able to use Windsor Circle to create customized emails that are deployed through their email marketing platform. You can manage creative, view analytics, such as Revenue Per Email (RPE), attributable revenue, conversion rate, and opens and clicks, and create different segments for your automated campaigns directly in our platform. 

To start, retailers can choose to create an automated, ongoing campaign, or to create a one-off email (think holiday or event promotions, segmented newsletters, etc.) You can then decide if you want to use a pre-selected campaign (we've gone ahead and put a few of our most popular campaigns in the mix) or create your own campaign. After, that all you need to do is select the customer segment you wish to send the campaign to and add your creative and copy. 

Custom Automator Email Setup

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Example of Customized Automated Email

Customizable Email Templates

Retailers have control over every aspect of their email with our customizable email templates. Retailers have the freedom to: 

  • Customize the color scheme and buttons based on their brand colors.
  • Select timing appropriate for their audience .
    • Retailers can choose a time or select "smart" timing meaning an email is sent based on the time of day your customer purchases products.
  • Incorporate video into their emails.

Retailers can also add:

  • their own custom logo and header,
  • copy that reflects their brand voice,
  • dynamic product recommendations (automatically generated based on purchase behavior),
  • featured products (manually picked by the retailer),
  • social icons,
  • and much more.

Lifecycle Marketing Email Examples

See examples of key campaigns our clients run to grow customer lifetime value and enable lifecycle marketing.

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