Aptos (incorporating ShopVisible)

Aptos (incorporating ShopVisible) enables apparel, specialty and general merchandise retailers to engage their customers differently with a singular commerce platform that delivers seamless experiences, plus one view and highly efficient management of their brand, customers, inventory, orders, and data.

Their comprehensive end-to-end solutions and professional services optimize a full range of critical processes that drive profitability and growth, including:

  • engaging and understanding customers and cultivating long-term customer relationships
  • managing transactions and orders in stores, online, and in all other selling channels
  • planning, acquiring, distributing and managing merchandise
  • managing and analyzing data to improve business performance

They also engage customers differently with a deep understanding of their needs, advanced end-to-end cloud solutions, collaborative long-term partnerships, and a direct stake in their success. Learn more at aptos.com and info@aptos.com