Magento and ExactTarget Integration

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Our Magento - Exacttarget Integration connects Magento's eCommerce platform to a merchant's ExactTarget email marketing account, instantly providing direct access to customer, product, and purchase history data directly within ExactTarget the dashboard.

ECommerce retailers can now use customer segmentation to create data-driven email marketing campaigns.

Using customer segments unlocked with an ExactTarget & Magento Integration

Integration of customer data between your eCommerce platform and email marketing software is the first step to maximizing customer satisfaction and retention. Integrations combined with our retention solutions offers an all-in-one automated email campaign solution.

How can an eCommerce retailer use customer segments within an email marketing strategy? customer segments

Predictive analysis powers "Replenishment" campaigns for consumable refills - one client of ours, CoffeeForLess successfully did just that with, you guessed it: coffee.

"We were thrilled to make over half a million dollars in revenue in six months using data driven life-cycle marketing powered by Windsor Circle."
 - Ben Kirshner, CEO,

Automated email reminders for products such as printers, or wearable contacts for vision, even HBA items such as makeup, shampoo and hair dye all which require monthly replenishment, are sent to customer that have been segmented by purchase history.

Merchants offering products for children can target both parents who buy more regularly and are looking for more frequent email communications and better deals, and at the same exact time also target family members and friends who are gift-givers to children and tend to spend more, but may need less frequently email communication during key marketing times through the year, such as; during a birthday month, around the holidays and for milestones like school graduations.

ECommerce retailers can send triggered email campaigns containing brand or category recommendations, targeted "related item" product recommendations, and cross-sell complimentary products and accessories to compatible products all based on purchase history.

The "product purchase" customer data segment is just ONE customer segments!

How many of YOUR subscribers have been inactive for 45 days? How many have been inactive for 45 days AND have bought a product that needs replenishment within the next two weeks?

Our ExactTarget & Magento Community Edition Extension & Magento Enterprise Edition Extension gathers the data needed to answer these questions and thousands of others about your customers as well as the ability to access this customer data directly in your ExactTarget dashboard.

Target latent and inactive subscribers using customer data. Our client and manufactures of DUM DUMs lollipops, Spangler Candy, achieved the highest day of online revenue EVER by sending a SINGLE "Win Back" email to inactive customers.

In case you missed that: ONE targeted email = highest day of online revenue. EVER.

Your subscribers want targeted email campaigns

That's just the beginning of how customer segmentation helps increase eCommerce revenue, customer satisfaction and loyalty...

  • Create a triggered "Welcome Series" email for first time buyers to say thank you
  • Reward "Best Customers" with insider deals, promotion and incentives based in products they are interested.
  • Offer the right customers with the right coupons and discounts
  • Target "Biggest Spenders" that pay more attention to availability vs. cost of purchase with the newest and best products
  • Weather crisis and you have 100 generators in stock? Let everyone know with geo-targeted email campaigns based on proximity to a store location.
  • Create email campaigns to encourage repeat customers and loyalty from one time purchasers

Knowing what each of your customers wants with 70 standard customer fields, our Magento extension integration and for existing ExactTarget customers, our HubExchange ExactTarget app is the foundation for all revenue generating email marketing campaign strategies.

Let a member of our Product Specialist team answer any questions you have about our Magento & ExactTarget pre-packaged API extension.

All users of our marketing software integration solutions become a part of the Windsor Circle family and will receive dedicated technical assistance for our pre-built API integrations from start to completion within 5 days.
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