Know Your Customers

Know Your Customers, Keep Your Customers

As an eCommerce retailer, it's essential to know your customer in order to keep your customer. Whether you are running an online business solo or an extensive department exists functioning for the sole purpose of customer retention, knowing how to target every single customer as individuals is understandably overwhelming.

Over the next few weeks, we are releasing: Know Your Customer, Keep Your Customer article series following Charles G, a new customer, and his experiences with a network of eCommerce sites by the AwesomeSauce brand. Following common retail interactions, every step within the customer journey will not be a perfect scenario, AwesomeSauce brand must discover through various data-driven strategies how to use segmented customer data effectively to achieve marketing goals with targeted email campaigns.

We encourage you to send your questions, ideas, and contributions for our Know Your Customer, Keep Your Customer series. Are you curious how AwesomeSauce Shoes or AwesomeSauce Airlines would use our solutions to retain customers and increase revenue? Go ahead and challenge us by creating a new division of the AwesomeSauce brand for our article series.

Random numbers

As with most emerging eCommerce stores, the AwesomeSauce brand used generic batch & blast email campaigns to send marketing promotions and new product arrival announcement campaigns to subscribers. With these basic campaigns, overall engagement with the brand was low - subscriber open rates peaked at 25% and click-through rates averaged at 10% per email. The brand was frustrated that nothing actionable could be achieved by only having the ability to measure basic subscriber data such as the number who unsubscribed.

Just like a FYI, seeing basic subscriber data is just numbers and percentages, charts and graphs... what AwesomeSauce needed was segmented metrics, such as the number of repeat buyers or latent customers.

Why Customer Segments Are Important

AwesomeSauce brand places a high importance on customer satisfaction but in order to send the email campaigns that subscribers wanted to engage with, more specific data was needed to understand where subscribers existed within the purchase cycle. Did the subscriber just sign up? Frequently make large purchases? Been dormant for over a month? Only interacted during the holidays? Frequently bought products needing replenishment?

It makes perfect sense that AwesomeSauce wanted to have ALL the brands retail data to send relevant email campaigns.

Better Email Marketing Strategies

The goals of AwesomeSauce brand included welcoming new subscribers, remarketing to customers who hadn't purchased lately and increasing product sales through targeted email campaigns. Overall subscriber engagement with launched campaigns was another area the brand wanted to improve.

To stay competitive, Awesomesauce wanted to sync the brands customer data from Magento and subscriber data with Mailchimp to create a comprehensive view of  both customers and subscribers. Within 5 days, customer and subscriber data was integrated and with the brands dedicated Client Success Manager, AwesomeSauce begin utilizing 65+ stacking customer segments to create a data-driven email marketing strategy.

Our journey with Charles G. and the AwesomeSauce brand begins.

See how successful our real clients have been using customer segmentation, automated email marketing, and targeted campaigns to increase overall customer satisfaction, revenue and loyalty.

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