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Top 6 Reasons To Choose a Tech Career at Windsor Circle

Our coding culture is slang for our unique work style and team mindset that embodies the creators of our products. We know software engineers, product designers, and data scientists are in high demand. We want to share WHY highly sought after talent choose to call Windsor Circle their home. It's not just the green pants!

1. High Quality Design

To our team, it is not about writing code, the focus is on creating top quality within the architecture of code.

2. Challenging Problems

We work on solving large problems quickly. Even as a senior software engineer you'll still be expanding your knowledge base and facing challenges you never faced before.

3. Expert Talent

There is 80+ years of software experience under the belt of the (quirky and highly intelligent) senior team.

4. Extremely High Growth

We have a very fast cycle for development, so work is challenging and intellectually stimulating. Our team is always working on something new.

5. Leadership

Experience and competency is only part of the puzzle. With a culture of autonomy and little bureaucracy it allows for efficiency and transparency at all levels.

6. Oh, And we have fun!

We value team building and relationships. What better way to do that than having fun together? We have team days, Team Fortress events, a Ministry of Shenanigans, and the list goes on.

The vision is tightly focused, the teams are organized with great leadership, and I have never once heard someone talk about a co-worker in a bad light. Not once. The standards are high, and WC is an actual design-focused culture. Talking to customers, iterating, and sweating the details of the customer experience are things you often read about but don’t see in reality (at least in my experience).
- Scott, Sr Product Designer

"We get to use good software tools and very nice hardware unencumbered by much legacy code or specific vendor alliances.

We’re few enough that every one of us gets to make a real difference.” 

Gabi, Sr Data Scientist

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