Integrate Hybris with Your Existing Email Marketing Platform

Gain access to your Hybris product, purchase, and customer data, including predicted data sets, and custom fields without switching your email marketing platform. Windsor Circle's enterprise integrations allow eCommerce retailers and brands to seamlessly integrate their existing platforms to create a complete marketing tech stack. 

Connect Your ESP Revenue Lift Predictive Data Personalized, Omnichannel Marketing

Connect Your ESP

We work with the following ESPs, allowing seamless integration from Hybris to:

Once integrated, using our WARP10TM process, you will have access to 3+ years of product, purchase, and customer data, as well as custom fields and predictive data sets through the Windsor Circle app. From here you can create complex segments to use in email marketing and social advertising campaigns. The segments update on a nightly basis, so you never have to worry about marketing to the wrong customers. 

Our Proven Process: WARP10

Our onboarding process, known as WARP10TM, was created to ensure that all of our clients receive a smooth onboarding process. During WARP10TM, our Enterprise Services Manager will project manage your integration to ensure a timely and smooth onboarding process. The Enterprise Services Manager will be your point of contact during the onboarding process, helping to facilitate conversations between your tech team and Windsor Circle's tech team.

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"Not having Windsor Circle would be like going to war and pulling out all of your tanks. You guys are tanks." - Jim McNamara, Aubuchon Hardware

Revenue Lift

Using control group testing, all Windsor Circle clients are provided with metrics around the additional revenue they're making from campaigns powered by our predictive data sets. Retailers and brands can expect to see revenue lift broken down by campaign and overall, to help you understand that what campaigns are working. We only report revenue lift on campaigns with a 95% confidence interval, so you can be rest assured that the number you see is correct - no double counting, no omissions, no taking credit for work you were doing anyways. 

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Predictive Data

Along with access to all of your Hybris data, you will have access to predictive data sets, such as predicted replenishment date, churn probability, predicted future AOV, predicted gender, etc. All of these fields, as well as others, can be used to create key automated campaigns via email and social, including: 

  • Predictive Product Replenishment 
  • Predictive Win-Back 
  • Segmented ads and promotions based on predicted gender 
  • Pre-VIP campaign for high predicted future AOV customers
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Connect Hybris with You Existing Email Marketing Platform


Personalized, Omnichannel Marketing

Power cross-channel campaigns powered by AI. Using Windsor Circle's Custom Audiences Solution, retailers and brands can create a segment using segment builder and seamlessly push it to Facebook. Updated on a nightly basis, you never have to worry about resyncing your segments as customers are added or taken out as they meet (or don't meet) the segment criteria. These segments can be used as Custom Audiences or used to build a lookalike audience and will power adds across the Facebook and Instagram ecosystem. Create the 1-2 punch needed to stay top of mind with concentrated marketing campaigns encompassing email and social. 

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