Avoiding the Holiday Hangover

Hear from 3 top retailers, MyBinding.com, Upper90 Soccer, and POS Supply Solution, as they talk about what worked this holiday sesaon, as well as last minute tips and tricks to finish out the year. This recording also includes information on  how to address customer retention and lifecycle marketing in 2016 and last minute secrets to holiday success. Watch the full video or select chapters below. 

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Chapter 1: Introduction 

Hear more about each of the speakers and their business, as well as a quick overview of Windsor Circle's Predictive Lifecycle and Retention Marketing Platform. 






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Chapter 2: Segmentation and Cart Recovery



Get a breakdown of the key retention stats that retailers are looking at on a regular basis, as well as how retailers use customer segmentation to boost engagement, as well as success they have seen with cart recovery camapaigns to mitigate against shopping cart abandonment. 







Chapter 3: To Do's This Holiday Season 

Learn how to convert Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers into repeat buyers, as well as how to convert site visitors into first time buyers to drive the bottom line.






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Chapter 4: Post Holiday Planning



How to create a plan for 2015, what are the must have technologies and what should you be testing. Learn more about the new Magento extensions and hear what's top of mind to these three retailers for 2016. 







Chapter 5: Data Management



Learn how MyBinding.com, Upper90 Soccer, and POS Supply, manage data across multiple systems. Hear how they use demographic data to reach new audiences via social advertising and more. 







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Chapter 6: Evaluating eCommerce and ESPs

Learn how these retailers use MailChimp to succeed, hear their thoughts on M2 and how to really evaluate your eCommerce and ESP platforms







Chapter 7: Final Tips & Takeaways

Final marketing tips and tricks from top Magento / MailChimp retailers to help you beef up your holiday marketing and start 2016 off on the right foot.







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Chapter 8: Q&A 

MyBinding.com, POS Supply Solutions, and Upper90 Soccer answer attendees questions. 







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