Holiday Email Marketing Strategies

We have compiled a comprehensive list of FREE resources for eCommerce retailers to help dominate your customers inbox this 2014 Holiday Shopping Season. Learn key holiday strategies, tips and ways to to maximize revenue with data-driven email marketing campaigns.

Holiday 2014 FREE eBook

Get the FREE eBook: "10 Quick Wins to be a Holiday Marketing Ninja", to learn 10 key email marketing campaign strategies for the 2014 holiday season including real world email examples and best practices.

Cyber Monday Email Marketing Strategies

Of the 10 most active shopping days, Black Friday no longer tops the list. Now, Cyber Monday is king. Learn what data points do you need to know to better understand your customers’ holiday buying, how to gain this knowledge, and most importantly, how to put it into play to achieve profitable results.

Key Holiday Customer Segments for Online Retailers

Knowing your customers is the first step in any successful marketing campaign. Read how these customer segments can drive significant value, boosting your holiday online sales, all with more personalized treatment using data-driven email marketing.

10 Cyber Monday & Black Friday Email Campaign Strategies

Without question, email frequency increases during the holiday season, with some retail companies ramping up their sending to as much as 10x as often during the week. We produced a list of 10 successful email marketing campaigns just in time for the holidays, kicking off at the end of this month with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Key Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns for 2014

Now that it's almost December 2014, if there were ever a time to re-kindle customer love, and raise the lifetime value of these customers, it is now. Catch them early with these proven revenue generating techniques, before other retailers' acquisition efforts capture their wallets.

Cyber Monday 2014 Predictions

Cyber Monday got its start in 2005, at a time when accessing the Internet at home was still slow and tedious (the “You’ve got mail!” days). Today, high speed Internet is everywhere, including on our phones and tablets. Read our blog article for our 2014 Cyber Monday predictions

Your Customer Data is Actionable

Windsor Circle helps retailers drive automated email campaigns using data integrated from your eCommerce and email service provider. Our software analyzes you customers data including product and purchase data. We provide abandoned cart recovery emails, sophisticated personalization, and email marketing automation by updating real, targeted customer segments, product data, and purchase history directly into your email account.

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