Green Pants

Windsor Circle loves green pants. 

Our team can often be found sporting bright green pants, courtesy of our client Pennington & Bailes, a family owned and operated apparel company.

Why green might you ask? Beyond enjoying wearing this eye popping color, It makes it easier for people, like you, to find us at trade shows and other large scale events.  

Our green pants are bright, friendly, and memorable, just like our culture... and our platform!


...But They Can Be Intimidating.

We asked a few of our Partners what they thought of this are their responses.

Green Pant Gallery

Here are some of our favorite photos of the team out and about in their Green Pants.

Interviewing one of our clients about Green Pants, while in Green Pants at IRCE 2016

IRCE 2015 Team - The Debut of the Windsor Circle castle booth

Attending Rise of the Rest in Durham, NC 2015

Practicing our Green Pant Pyramid at Connections 2014

The whole team after a successful party in our new office at American Underground (notice the trophy!)

Windsor Circle at IR Focus 2014 in Orlando, Florida

Windsor Circle green pants in downtown Durham with an ELF

Windsor Circle team in green pants, downtown Durham with the ELF we gave away at Connections 2013.

Windsor Circle in green pants at ExactTarget Connections 2013

Windsor Circle and friends in green pants at ExactTarget Connections 2013

Windsor Circle green pants at Silverpop Amplify

Windsor Circle team members at Silverpop Amplify, 2013