Win-Back Emails

It costs 6 to 7 times more to gain a new customer than keep an existing one. Because of this, developing email marketing campaigns to win back churning customers just makes sense.

Churn occurs during the inactive stage of the lifecycle, when a customer ceases to purchase from you or engage with your brand. To win them back, it’s important to identify and target churning customers with marketing campaigns designed just for them.

By segmenting customers who have not purchased within a specific period of time, and then delivering a personalized Win-Back email series, you can motivate these inactive customers to make another purchase. Our Standard Win-Back email campaigns consist of three emails, aimed to rebuild relationships with these segmented groups and ultimately convert them into happy – and spending – customers once again.

Understanding that your customers are in different stages of the lifecycle, our automated retention solutions drive more sales by allowing you to deliver relevant emails that your audience will appreciate.

We help our clients alleviate customer churn with data-driven email campaigns. Below, we cover several examples of successful Win-Back emails.

Reactivation Email Campaigns

lapsed customers

Offer Incentives

Providing a discount incentive to lapsed customers is a good way to bring them back. CG Pro Prints sends a targeted discount to email subscribers who are in danger of churning, in order to spark customer engagement and reactivate the purchase cycle. Additionally, customers appreciate retailers that respect their wishes and give them choices. CG Pro Prints understood this and in this message offers churning customers the option to update their subscription preferences. While some may argue this could reduce opportunities for communicating with customers, in fact, the segment of customers who still want to hear from this retailer will be very pleased to have content delivered on their own terms.


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Customer Segmentation
Reactivation Email Campaigns

inactive customers

Show Appreciation

All customers want to feel important and valued, and this is certainly true for those who may have been inactive for some time. To successfully reduce churn, CablesAndKits emphasizes customer appreciation. In the email example, this retailer expresses that customers are a cherished asset to their business, and further shows appreciation by including an incentive for the chance of winning them back. CablesAndKits also uses a clever image that suggests how puzzled they are by their customer’s absence and includes a "Please Come Back" message. 

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Reactivation Email Campaigns

encourage them to return

Highlight What They're Missing

Reminding inactive customers about the kinds of products you offer can encourage them to return and buy again. Sailrite offers churning customers a visually appealing message that highlights product recommendations. They also offer either free shipping or a discount to further motivate the customer to make another purchase.

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While churn is an inevitable part of the customer lifecycle, our clients have successfully increased retention rates by segmenting, personalizing, and targeting email sends powered by our customer retention solutions.

To learn more about Win-Back emails, see how decreased churn by 70% with our retention automation software, and discover how CablesAndKits leveraged a predictive Win-Back campaign to increase AOV and CLV, as well as generate 14x ROI.

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