Reward Your Best Customers

Your best customers are the small group that are most valuable to you over time based on frequent purchases with a high order values.

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Frequent Buying and High Order Values

Your best customers make up the small group that are most valuable to you over time. They are defined based on frequent purchases with a high order values.

Strengthen relationships with your brand.

Customer retention is about enhancing the buyer’s experience and strengthening their relationship with your brand. Most retailers do not see a return on the cost of acquiring a customer until after the third purchase, so identifying and targeting your best customers is a worthwhile effort.

Best customers can be defined in numerous ways, such as:

  • High Lifetime Value: purchased 10x + spent $800 + within the last 60 days
  • Brand Loyalists: purchased 5x + spent $500 + coupon usage $0
  • RFM 1-1-1: Recency (how recent) + Frequency (how often) + Monetary (how much spent)
  • (Customers in the top 25% of all RFM values would have a RFM score of 1-1-1.)

Customer Appreciation Made Simple

There are many ways to reward your best customers, such as special discounts, VIP experiences, and exclusive events. Retailers who are strategic in offering discounts will save higher markdowns and related promotions for only their best customers, yielding great results.

In the following examples, retailers following our 9 Pillars of Retention Automation use past purchase behavior to segment customers’ RFM scores to drive successful Best Customer email campaigns.

Best Customer Incentives

Using Windsor Circle, CoffeeForLess was able to identify their best customers and send an email to all qualifying purchasers thanking them for their loyalty. As a form of appreciation, they offered this group an exclusive 7% discount. This email was sent twice, an initial email and then a re-email to customers two days after, if the original email had not been opened. Combined, these two emails generated more than $200,000 in revenue.

Deeper Discounts

SkinMedix sends campaigns to their best customers at just the right time, using triggering rules based on purchase history and customer score data. This message does not explicitly state that the recipient is a best customer, but it includes a special discount for an upcoming sale that is only available to this segment. Since this segment already includes a highly engaged customer base, each email offers a 10% discount, but with a threshold of $150.

Show Your Appreciation

This email from OneHope Wine is a little different because it doesn’t offer best customers a monetary discount or incentive. Instead, it shows the customer what their purchases have contributed to. OneHope donates a portion of its proceeds to philanthropic causes, so this email is a way to show customers the impact of their continued patronage. By seeing what they’ve accomplished just by buying their favorite products, this message hopes to entice customers to remain loyal to the brand.

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