Product Recommendations

To achieve customer retention goals, it is critical for retailers to engage their audiences through customized marketing content. Online retailers can no longer rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to email marketing, as today’s consumers demand a personalized experience. Instead, retailers must gather, analyze, and apply data from customers’ online interactions and purchasing activities to create messaging tailored to where each individual is in the customer lifecycle.

You can create an engaging buying experience and increase brand loyalty with the use of product recommendations based on individual customer’s interests and actions. By offering personalized marketing content like behavior-based product recommendation emails, retailers can see increased engagement and conversions, such as substantial open rates and ROI.

Windsor Circle clients have the ability to dynamically alternate their product recommendations between various products. Additionally, our Retention Analytics Suite gives retailers a holistic view of their product recommendations strategy and allows them to manage all email marketing initiatives in one place.

Product Recommendations

Personalized Recommendations Based on Purchase History

Retailers can make personalized, data-driven product recommendations by looking at a customer’s past purchase history. Working Person’s Store offers personalized customer experiences with the help of targeted product recommendation campaigns. This member of our Million Dollar Circle uses customer data provided by Windsor Circle to automate dynamic product recommendations that also align with their specific revenue, inventory, and seasonal goals.

Working Person’s Store triggers this personalized message to customers who purchase specific products as a way to motivate a repeat purchase. This email includes recommendations for products that accessorize with or are similar to the originally purchased item(s), with colorful images and links to specific product pages. The light-hearted and conversational tone of the message also works to further engage the customer.

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Product Recommendations

Suggest Products Based on Last Item Purchased

The last item that a customer purchased is a strong indicator of products they may like, and provides retailers with a great opportunity for making smart product recommendations. Sailrite, an ecommerce retailer specializing in products for sailors and sail enthusiasts, automates personalized, data-driven product recommendations by analyzing individual customer purchase history, and suggesting related items based on what other customers who purchased the same product have also bought. In this example, Sailrite combines a win-back message with product recommendations to entice customers to purchase again. They even offer free shipping to sweeten the deal.

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