Post-Purchase Educational Emails

Product education emails are a great way to ensure that buyers are using their purchased items correctly and effectively.

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Create value for your customers

Instead of using the traditional, batch-and-blast approach to email marketing, retailers should provide their customers with a personalized marketing experience at each point of their own buying lifecycle. To truly meet customer needs, marketing emails must be triggered at the right time with the right message to the right audience.

Strengthen Relationships

Retailers can strengthen their relationships with customers by offering relevant information about their products post-purchase. Product education emails demonstrate the value of your offerings and showcase that you care about your customers’ experience and satisfaction with their purchases. In addition, post-purchase educational email campaigns foster retention, by serving to build customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Below, we’ll cover a few successful examples from our clients of product education emails.

Chris Johnson, President & CEO of Pegasus Lighting, talks about creating targeted, product education emails that help customers and bring in more revenue. These emails are currently seeing: 

  • 53.4% open rate
  • 14.6%  cilck rate
  • Generating 46% of attributable revenue



Educational Product Emails

As an IR1000 Retailer, evo wants their customers to know that they are there to support and guide them in using their products. For example, when a customer purchases ski boots, they are automatically enrolled in a three-part email series offering further information on the product, a guide to putting the ski boots on, and detailed contact information.

The email copy is brief, and includes a link to direct interested customers to a more in-depth article. Through these automated product education emails, evo has significantly decreased the rates at which buyers return their highest grossing product.


Tutorials and Helpful Hints is determined to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their purchases and are knowledgeable on how to best use these items. They accomplish this through triggering automated product education emails after customers purchase certain products. These messages offer several product education guides and videos to ensure that customers are making the most of the items they purchased.

For example, this message is sent to customers who recently bought Epoxy Clay and offers a comprehensive instructional video for a specific craft project that uses that item. By offering product use advice in an easy-to-watch video, showcases their commitment to customer service and solidifies their authority within the industry, while at the same time strengthening relationships with its customers.

Using Windsor Circle to enact automated post-purchase educational marketing campaigns, retailers can send triggered emails that provide product information to inform customers about products, get them engaged with the brand, and keep them coming back.

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