Enterprise Wide Customer Retention Solution

The Internet Retailer Top 1000 list names who’s winning among online retailer's largest players based on growth for that year.

The number of clients using Windsor Circle for customer retention, big data integration, and personalization capabilities has increased every year with 20+ more projected to be added on the IR top 1000 list for 2015.

Internet Retailer Top 1000 Clients

Our enterprise-wide clients span across multiple retail industries and we are proud to highlight a few of the many successes our clients experience using our automated marketing software in the case studies below:

BulbAmerica leverages customer purchase data and automates segmented email marketing campaigns, including our "Best Customer" series.

CoffeeForLess uses data-driven lifecycle emails including: replenishment reminders, best customer rewards and new subscriber welcome series campaigns.

EVO.com uses our post purchase email series to focus on troubleshooting common issues customers encountered and continues to significantly decrease return rate.

Get started increasing sales & revenue, customer retention & loyalty using automated email campaigns. We want to see your eCommerce business on the Internet Retailer's Top List, do you?