Predictive Marketing Services

Partnering For Success

Data science isn’t easy.  If you’re like most retailers, you’re sitting on a mountain of customer, product and order information, but lack the resources make to it truly actionable.  That’s why, in addition to providing a powerful software solution, we have a team full of ESP-certified marketing strategists whose top priority is helping your company get the most out of its data.  

The following services are available to all Windsor Circle clients and can be customized based on your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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WARP10® is the process we use to ensure a smooth and timely integration for our clients. Our team works with each new client to establish a timeline to integration. Through enterprise grade, cost effective pre-built APIs, plugins, extensions, or custom data feeds, our software seamlessly integrates customer purchase history & transactional data from your eCommerce platform and pushes this information into your email marketing software to power data-driven digital marketing solutions. 

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Optimize for Success

Windsor Circle clients have access to a full team of retail, predictive marketing, design, and technical specialists to maximize the ROI of their campaigns and become retention marketing experts. Our approach is tailored to your needs - whether you're looking to do it all yourself, need a little help, or would like a full team of experts by your side, we'll create a plan that works best for you and your business.

Our client resources include:

  • Opportunities with Predictive Revenue: in-app notifications remind you of which campaigns you may be missing and how much you stand to make by implementing
  • Client Success Technical Support: available in the portal, easy access to our technical support team 
  • Knowledge Base: comprehensive database of how to use the Windsor Circle platform and its automators
  • Customizable 30/60/90 day plans: set goals and milestones to acheive your business objectives

Interested in learning more? Reach out to speak with a predictive marketing specialist.

We understand no retailer is "one size fits all". Our team of eCommerce strategists can customize consultations and trainings to accommodate: consultation frequency, campaign management, custom email creative, reporting, and more.

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Evaluate Your Campaign Performance

Track your campaign performance at a glance with our in-app dashboard. Access metrics such as revenue lift (by campaign and overall) retention rate, customer lifetime value, revenue, and more.

Retailers and brands can use this information to: 

  • track campaign performance 
  • understand coupon usage 
  • view fastest rising products 
  • create new segments to build automators or sync to Facebook & Instagram
  • gain key insights into core customer segments 
  • and more

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Predictive Marketing Services


Design Services

Windsor Circle's full service creative team will help you create impactful campaigns sure to impress your customers. From template creation to full custom email design, including coding, testing, and sending, our team can accomodate nearly any need. Take a look at some of our team's designs

All of our designs incorporate: 

  • your company's brand and voice
  • smart content, such as dynamically generated product recommendations
  • responsive web design to ensure customers can easily read and navigate your emails regardless of device type
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Predictive Marketing Services

Singular Business Methodology

SmartSessions (TM)

With access to data comes infinite marketing possibilites, that can lead to a state of paralysis which we call marketing nirvana. It can be difficult to figure out where to start and what projects are going to drive the biggest value for your company. The Windsor Circle SmartSessionTM is designed to help brands hone in on top business objectives and create a specific tactical plan to deploy cross-channel, predictive marketing campaigns that have a proven track record of lifting revenue and margin. 

These sessions, led by tenured executives in Windsor Circle's leadership team, bring 20+ years of industry experience, financial acumen, and technical knowledge to the table to help facilitate the session and collaborate with your team.

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