Earning Customer Loyalty

We hear eCommerce retailers express sentiments such as "my customer is my most important asset" but then quickly admit that the only real communication they have with that customer is to clog the inbox of these important assets with random email blasts 6 times a week. You work hard to make sure that your customers have a great experience on your eCommerce business website, so why stop there? Once a customer makes their first purchase the customer journey has just begin. 

Single purchase is failure.  This is hard for most retailers to get their head around, but if you're after repeat buyers and loyal customers, no further engagement  after the first purchase is a "bounce."  Bounces are failures. The customer came, made one purchase, then moved on to spend money elsewhere.

Retention Marketing ≠ Email blasts.  Filling your subscribers inbox with irrelevant offers and generic email blasts will only lead to low click-through rates and higher subscribers opting out of your marketing efforts. Random email blasts are not a good retention marketing strategy. With so many eCommerce retailers considering email marketing to be their retention vehicle, you can gain a large advantage over your competition using our automated customer loyalty solution which use your customers purchase history to send personalized emails 

Key Retail Retention Metrics 

Our automated customer retention software allows an eCommerce retailer to measure important retail metrics to improve loyalty such as: 
  • Share of Wallet (SoW) 
  • Customer Lifetime Value 
  • (CLV) Retention Rates

Your customer loyalty is a measurable, improvable, and workable number. Using our email marketing automation and customer retention analytics, it's easy to build a simple and powerful customer loyalty program.

Keeping your customers is the only real win. The majority of email retailers know this but struggle on your to execute a successful retention marketing strategy. It's less expensive to keep existing customers versus acquiring new ones.  

Retailers who are focused on customer retention will build deep loyalty and extract higher margin business. If this is the type of retailer you strive to be, but have been struggling to find a successful solution, contact us to learn how we can help you earn customer loyalty through automated data-driven email marketing campaigns

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