Crafts & DIY Industry

Our craft clients send targeted, relevant messaging that significantly improves customer retention. By providing powerful automation and segmentation capabilities to send data-driven lifecycle emails, we help take the “DIY” out of email marketing for online retailers in the Crafting industry.

Consumers who make custom items as a hobby or for a business are always in need of new supplies. Leveraging product, purchase, and customer data powered by our Predictive Marketing Software, our clients are able to deploy Automated Replenishment and Product Education emails to customers based on their individual buying behavior. These emails are proven to drive repeat purchases for businesses.

Our clients provide their customers with more than just craft supplies; offering a real value and targeted messaging that significantly improves customer retention.

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Client Spotlight: Ink Pixi

Win Back Your Customers

Ink Pixi is an online t-shirt company that specializes in personalized designs with a quirky sense of humor, with many of their products customized based on shoppers’ last names. Ink Pixi is committed to being a place where each customer is valued and respected, and understands the importance and benefits of fostering this relationship. They use Windsor Circle automated emails to increase customer retention and winback potential churning customers. Discover how their Win-Back email campaigns accounts for 43% of the revenue the company has made using Windsor Circle automated messages and have increased the number of repeat buyers by 118%.

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Who We Work With

Craft & DIY retailers have plenty of opportunities to build rapport and build an online community with their customers. Our clients grow customer lifetime value and repeat sales using such tactics as, predictive product replenishment, product education, and anniversary emails. We work with mid-market and enterprise retailers in the craft & DIY industry, such as:

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