Beauty & Skincare Industry

Personal care items are just that—personal—meaning that each individual has different beauty needs. In order to best serve these customers, it’s imperative that health and beauty retailers deploy targeted marketing campaigns.

Windsor Circle’s online beauty and skin care clients are yielding impressive results by eliminating batch and blast emails in favor of email marketing campaigns to specific customer segments based on factors like skin type, hair color, gender, brand preference, product recommendations, buying cadence, and more.

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Client Spotlight: SkinMedix

$1M in 12 Months

SkinMedix, an eCommerce retailer that specializes in high-end cosmeceuticals, initially had an email strategy that primarily used batch and blast emails to market to their customers. Using Windsor Circle’s Customer Retention Software, SkinMedix was able to segment their customer list based on product and purchase history data, allowing them to send more relevant emails to each group with appropriate discounts and product recommendations.

SkinMedix saw a 50x ROI and $1 million in extra revenue from data-driven marketing. 


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Who We Work With

Retailers in the beauty and skincare industry are uniquely positioned to get in front of their customer base on a regular basis. Our clients leverage predictive lifecycle marketing, including predictive product replenishment to grow customer lifetime value and repeat purchases. We work with mid-market to enterprise retailers, such as:

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