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The eCommerce accessories industry is unique in that revenue is heavily trend based. Accessories companies must consistently chase trends or set new ones, in order to stay competitive. Relevantly reaching customers with new product releases, across email marketing and social platforms, is very crucial to the success of the business. Windsor Circle’s Customer Retention Automation Software enables companies in the accessories industry to leverage purchase data to strategically design email marketing campaigns using key data points, such as dynamic product recommendations, predicted gender, and more. 


See how accessories retailers are creating predictive lifecycle marketing campaigns using Windsor Circle.

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Wallet Nation

46% Open Rate

Windsor Circle’s accessories clients, including WalletNation and LongTieStore, have effectively done away with batch and blast emails, yielding impressive results by integrating retention automation into their email marketing campaign.

WalletNation offers one of the largest and most unique selections of high quality wallets and accessories. Wallets and accessories from around the globe, designed with a variety of quality materials, are available for both men and women alike at this one stop shop. WalletNation created an automated Welcome Series, based on product and purchase data, powered by Windsor Circle, to welcome their first time purchasers and help build the initial relationship between the customer and the brand. Learn more about how this 3-part Welcome Series and 2-part Win-Back Series see average open rates of 46.0% and click rates of 7.1%.

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Long Tie Store

50% Decrease in Churn

Long Tie Store is an online retailer solving short tie problems for tall men around North America! Long Tie Store provides all the tall people of the world with long ties in quite a variety of fun prints, patterns, and styles and has had success generating repeat customers through automated data-driven lifecycle marketing. Learn how this email focuses on a recent Win-Back campaign that drove some exciting results.

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Who We Work With

Accessories companies using batch and blast email marketing are challenged with relevantly reaching their individual customers with different needs and preferences. By integrating Windsor Circle’s data-driven marketing approach, our accessories clients are able to segment customers and trigger relevant product recommendations based on unique purchasing behavior including style and brand preferences, all while educating customers on new products, encouraging social media engagement, rewarding best customers and retaining churning customers. Such data-driven marketing activities increase customer retention and customer lifetime value, driving new revenue streams for our clients. Including: