Windsor Circle Makes the List: 9 Email-Related Companies to Watch

We're thrilled to be among Email Insider's 9 Email-Related Companies To Watch In 2012

Writer Morgan Stewart, CEO of Trendline Interactive, says of Windsor Circle: "Email is all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time, right? Windsor Circle integrates with your ESP to create segments based on behavioral data. The company collects purchase history data, builds segments, and then uploads the data back into your ESP. While this type of behavioral segmentation is something we have been talking about for years, few are doing it, because it’s always been damn hard to implement. Windsor Circle makes it much easier by doing the heavy lifting for you."

We're excited to be noticed by Morgan, whose company provides service to 2 Windsor Circle clients - and we're glad that our eCommerce to Email integration solution is making the cut!

Some of the listed companies spoke on panels at Mediapost Email Insider Summits in 2011, others are used by the writer's firm, its clients or trusted colleagues. None of the nine, including Windsor Circle, are email service providers, but all can be used with your current ESP.  Check out a few of the other companies to watch, in no particular order:
  • 8 Seconds is a platform for real-time optimization of subject lines and images within your email.
  • BriteVerify, which generated code to put on your registration form to get immediate confirmation that email address entered is, in fact, mailable.
  • GroupVine makes it possible to include surveys in email and show the real-time results in the email.
  • LiveIntent is an online trading desk where publishers can sell ad space within their emails to advertisers, and advertisers can list their ad inventory.
  • Connection Engine helps you learn more about your email subscriber base, including where they live and their interests.
  • RapLeaf serves email marketers by providing access to data to personalize email marketing messages for factors such as age, gender, and income.
  • RevTrax is an online coupon engine with a variety of fraud protection safeguards supporting mobile and social media.
  • SeeWhy addresses the problem of shopping cart abandonment with tools that help track and re-engage the 7 of 10 abandoned shopping carts in real time through Email, Facebook and Twitter.

We're as excited as Morgan about the growing innovation in email-related software - the companies above are illustrative of the growing market desire for greater sophistication in email marketing, intelligence, and segmentation.  Windsor Circle provides the integration between eCommerce platforms, including Magento, Channel Advisor, AspDotNetStorefront, and 3dcart, and a wide variety of email marketing systems.


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    Thanks for the article, but it's so expensive --<br /> "BriteVerify, which generated code to put on your registration form to get immediate confirmation that email address entered is, in fact, mailable." -- but I choose an alternate path<br /> try the online service<br /> ( <br /> This is just my opinion
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    "You can probably cut heaps out of your list with a simple PHP script ( that queries the mail server and checks if the address is deliverable. Some mail servers won't respond properly to this but enough will to give you a better bounce rate.<br /> <br /> You could also do some more things like checking if the domain is registered and if it has MX records.<br /> <br /> If you want I can do this for you and customize a script that will work with other providers that do not respond correctly to the above. Please send me a PM if you would like to discuss it."
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