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Welcome to the fourth edition of Smart Data Trends, the (almost) bi-weekly round up of the most relevant innovations, news and evolutions in the eCommerce & email marketing industries. Stay in the loop by joining 20k+ other industry professionals who get their news from our experts here at Windsor Circle.

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Millennials & Hipsters

Rethink how you are targeting your customer base.

Right now, marketer's may feel that using "hipster" in subject lines is a clever tactic to attract Millennials, but usually by the time trends hit the boardroom, the current scene is usually over. Skip the gimmicky messaging and start using accurate data that is proven to continuously drive results. 

Quick facts about Millennials:

  • 40% are freelancers
  • 89% check email across multiple devices
  • Check both personal & business email accounts
  • Practice work-life blending

Using this simple data, you can start looking at your Millennial customer base differently, such as the importance of optimizing email campaigns for mobile. By optimizing your campaigns for mobile, it's more likely that you will get more engagement from Millennials.

If measuring and testing ROI is important to your business, begin strategies using data sets of your customers. YMMV, but just testing clever messaging and subject lines can merely surface the least ineffective approach. Always begin by testing against data to avoid testing your way to mediocrity, not greatness.

Client Spotlight: Lavazza

For the first time in history, Samantha Cristoforetti drank the first espresso in space. From 260 miles away, she proudly sipped from her specially designed zero-gravity cup.

image credit: NBC news

Our client, Italy's 120-year-old coffee maestro, Lavazza and Argotec teamed up on the space espresso project with the Italian Space Agency.

Social Media Minute

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins has launched in beta so we took the dashboard for a spin. It proved fairly easy to configure a new campaign with a few button clicks, but we found that there were some features that needed polishing still.  

Keyword function: Pinterest offers suggestions for any keyword entered, which can be a powerful tool, but when we entered "email marketing design" the related keywords suggested were "nail design" and "bathroom design". Eh.

Location: Windsor Circle's HQ is in Durham, NC almost 2 hours from Fayetteville. A local Durham business wouldn't get a high ROI spending advertising dollars to target consumers in "Fayetvlle" as the dashboard was reporting below.

Language, Device and Gender: All were pretty straight forward, although we found it very insightful as to the types of data Pinterest is collecting - considering "Android" and "iPhone O/S" were separate segments from just "mobile devices".

Albeit, Promoted Pins is still in beta and has room to grow, the basic functionality exists to get started advertising on Pinterest now. Retailers who have been seeing success on Pinterest should be on the lookout for access to this beta.

Google+ Collections

Google hasn't had much luck in the social space, but the recent rollout of "collections" signals that they aren't ready to give up yet. Google Collections are user created sets of Google+ posts based on specific interests. Users add posts using the share menu and then other users can follow and share that collection. Sounds a tad familiar, eh? But, just as Pinterest was slow to adopt features that appealed to retailers, there's no telling what could develop so it doesn't hurt to keep Google Collections on your radar. 

Windsor Circle Water Cooler

Innovation is happening outside of Silicon Valley and the purpose of the 2015 Rise of the Rest is to make sure everyone knows that.

The tour made stopped in Raleigh-Durham today, which happens to be our backyard. Better yet, investor Steve Case visited the building Windsor Circle calls HQ to share some thoughts and wisdom with teams based in the American Underground startup accelerator.

Following that, Windsor Circle team members along with other local entrepreneurs, had a fireside chat where he discussed his own startup journey and offered some inspiring advice for startups to help quickly achieve success. 

Our CEO, Matt Williamson proudly displays our 2014 Google Demo Day trophy with Tatiana Birgisson, of Mati Energy who won the 2015 Google Demo Day.


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