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InfoSec: Magento ShopLift Bug 

Earlier this week a massive vulnerability was found that could give attackers full control of Magento stores. If you haven't done so already, make sure you download the latest patch from Magento.

eCommerce blip: Shopify files for IPO & now offers Google Wallet as a checkout payment option.

Growing lists with Mobile

Many retailers with B&M locations use "text to join" technology to grow email subscriber lists, but retailers with only an online presence can do the same using our simple strategy.

If your online store offers a gift wrapping option, add a simple line to the gift receipt: "Get the latest news, styles & promotions by texting "xxxxx" to "xxxxx" or if the product ordered as a gift was, for example, a pair of shoes, "Get 10% our extra cozy socks by texting "xxxxx" to "xxxxx".

Also, for mobile website visitors who may not want to type in lengthy emails on their device, use an SMS integration on your eCommerce store that easily captures a cell phone number and then sends a text requesting the visitors email address.

Mobilegeddon is upon us

It's official. Google's algorithm has changed and according to numerous sources, is already effecting mobile search results. If you haven't had time to get your online store "mobilized" yet, head over to a grab a 14 day free trial by simply entering your URL and then pasting the mobile code into the header on your site. Unsure if your eCommerce store is mobile friendly enough? Check your site with Google's mobile friendly test.

Social Second

A growing number of retailers are using Instagram to sell products online.  If you are interested in testing out this social media outlet for your store, check out Instagram for Business. If you are ready to start testing now, we suggest trying Inselly, a free tool that eCommerce retailers can use to sell products on Instagram.

If you aren't utilizing a social media listening tool at the very least test out the search options on popular outlets to see why you should be. For example, a basic quick search for "new running shoes" using Twitter's advanced search option instantly revealed two customer personas: budget conscious and lifestyle shift:

In both cases, messaging can be crafted to target these two personas, such as offering the budget conscious shopper a coupon or a link to your running shoes that are priced under the amount they are willing to spend.

Another Tweeter mentioned that his shoes kept getting stolen, if your store sold a gym bag with a lock feature, you can position your products on social media to solve a problem. 

Customer Retention QOTD

A five-percent increase in customer retention could increase profits by up to 125 percent. 


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