Share the Love with Great Valentine's Day Email Marketing

It's January and you’ve now got a full year of customer purchase history under your belt, topped off with your recent holiday shopping data. Valentine’s Day is the first big email marketing opportunity to leverage customer data and send more relevant emails to your subscriber base.

This Valentine’s Day, show some love to your customers and get started on the right foot for this year with a successful Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign!

Here are some tips to sow the seeds of loyalty and customer engagement with compelling Valentine’s offers.

Review & Segment Customer Lists

Segment subscribers based on the products you intend to market. For Valentines Day, keep it simple: men and women, then by churned and current customers. Note that men spend 2x as much as women on romantic gifts and don't forget to remind customers that gift cards are a great and SAFE gift to send anyone on their list.

Set the Mood

Remind your customers that the big day is coming with great Valentine’s Day marketing assets:

  • Branded headers with hearts, roses & kisses
  • Use images and fewer words
  • Spice up your emails

Set the Valentine’s Day buying spirit with playful humor, like “Top ten ways to tell someone you love them” - using your products.

On Valentine’s Day, content and tone are critical – and the only way to get that right is with clearly defined segments. Don’t peddle Brazilian waxes to guys or straight-razor shaves to ladies.  A playful, funny approach that puts guys at ease may fall flat with women, who generally prefer sincerity – especially during the most romantic month of the year!

If you want to tackle advanced segmentation, or have a large national list, think location-specific. While shoppers in the Carolinas are enjoying an unusually warm winter - folks in the Northeast might still be shoveling snow. If you can segment by state, send a “Feeling stir crazy? Warm up the house” emails to the Northerners, vs “Spring’s coming early! Great ideas for your old lady” down South.

Make It Easy with Product Recommendations & Gift Cards

People often give Valentine’s Day gifts to friends, coworkers, or family members. While a gift card may not be personal enough for couples, it is a great option for others. And don’t hesitate to suggest products based on purchase history and customer taste: If someone has purchased pet items, remind them not to forget Spot. If they bought winter sports goods over the holidays, suggest a romantic ski trip for two.

  • You can differentiate your local business from national competitors by offering delivery as late as possible near or on the 14th.
  • If you are using a deal-of-the-day merchant, such as Groupon, LivingSocial or Gilt Groupe, you can email your own customer list to let them know about the deal.  And make sure to send a followup thank-you to everyone that bought a coupon.

Use the Holiday to Show Customer Appreciation

Send a special Valentine’s email to show you “heart” them too. Express appreciation for their past business with a special discount to your best customers. This Valentine’s Day, contact your customers early, send them creative and targeted offers, and share the love with your loyal customers. Then sit back and enjoy an early boost to your new year’s revenue with sweet Valentine’s Day profits. 

We help cupid’s arrows hit the bulls eye.

That is, if cupid was our software and your email marketing was the arrow and also if your customers were a bullseye... But you get it. We specialize in analyzing customer data often locked in your eCommerce and shopping cart software, to generate customer lists based on purchase history and location data, and automatically populate these segments into your email marketing software.

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