Retention Automation: Catching the Wave

The Results are In!

Today we are excited to share some early results from one of Australia’s' leading ecommerce retailers,

As Australias #1 source for Surf Fashion and winner of the 2014 Best Pure Player Online, SurfStitch has a firm handle on their email marketing; however, they recognized a need for the ability to truly drill-down in their customer and subscriber lists and segment customers based on product, purchase, and customer data to gain a deeper understand of their customer engagement levels.

With a steadfast determination to increase overall customer experience, SurfStitch began using Windsor Circle’s Retention Automation Suite to unlock the power of segmented customer data and successfully achieve various goals.

Nice to meet you

One of SurfStitch’s goals was ensuring new email subscribers were cordially welcomed.

Consumers regularly sign up for email newsletters with companies that provide products or services which interest them. SurfStitch wanted to begin a relationship with new subscribers at this initial engagement point.

First time subscribers equate to the consumer initializing a virtual greeting, in essence this consumer is extending a hand to the retailer - to complete the B2C handshake, part of SurfStitch’s strategy was to greet the consumer by offering an incentive and to incite purchase at this first step of engagement.

This goal was accomplished successfully using a 4-part automated Welcome Series campaign and a unique coupon code for both SurfStitch’s first time subscribers and new customers.

Our Welcome Series provides the ability for your email list subscribers to receive: information about your brand, latest promotional products, further engagement outlets, incentive opportunities and the foundation of trust as an eCommerce retailer.

Customer Retention: Personalized and Targeted

Our Retention Automation Suite gives retailers powerful analysis, segmentation and automation abilities to keep an ecommerce store competitive.

SurfStitch began by using current and historical customer data to anticipate customer churn and to flag subscribers who are at-risk of churning based on their engagement level.

With Windsor Circle’s connection, both historical and current customer data within SurfStitch’s ecommerce platform is integrated with ExactTarget, allowing SurfStitch to segment their customers and subscribers into the following 3 segments:

1. “Churning Customer”

2. "At Risk Subscriber"

3. “Disengaged Subscriber”

By identifying both email subscribers and customers who haven’t interacted or purchased recently, SurfStitch has the information needed to automate an email retention campaign.

SurfStitch Puts Strategy into Practice

With Windsor Circle, SurfStitch directly imported customer data within the ExactTarget dashboard to get a comprehensive overview of key ecommerce metrics.

By knowing which customers were churning, SurfStitch saw an exciting 72% decrease in churn by sending triggered a 3-part Win-Back email campaign to the churning customer segment.

Over the past 6 months, SurfStitch has used innovative thinking, automation, and data-driven email marketing campaigns to get a firm handle on managing and decreasing customer churn, while increasing engagement across all segments.

As a recent Windsor Circle client, SurfStitch has achieved spectacular results with across a wide range of metrics which  are highlighted within the case study - including a 40% increase in open rates and 65% more clicks from subscribers.

Read the complete case study and take a deeper look at how maintains a handle on overall customer retention, satisfaction and experience through data-driven lifecycle marketing.


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