Results Are In!

Two weeks ago Matt and I took a short trek to Catalyst, the annual user conference of ChannelAdvisor. The ChannelAdvisor customer base runs the gamut - everyone from "mom and pop" eBay stores to massive retailers like Costco and Dell.  While there, we did a ton of market research and had more than 100 people fill out a survey.  The results are fascinating.


93% want to do email marketing segmentation.  This shouldn't come as a surprise.  The increased revenue generated through good email segmentation is well documented and proven.  "Batch and blast" emails where the same email is sent to all customers regardless of demographics or behaviors are simply less effective than targeted emails sent with relavant content.


53% don't segment.  There are a variety of reasons for this, but they boil down to three simple reasons: time, money or expertise.  There is often more than one excuse, but regardless, these retailers leave money on the table each time they execute an email marketing campaign.


Of those who don't segment today, 89% of them want to.  Again, this shouldn't be a shocker (though we do have to wonder what the other 11% are thinking).  Despite a desire to increase email marketing revenue, the barriers to getting it done are just too high for most retailers to overcome.

So, if you're in this last camp, hold on to your shorts!  Help is on the way and we're coming as fast as we can!  It won't be too long before you're feeling like this guy.



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