Movin' Up and Movin' In

Windsor Circle kicked off the new year with some new digs and its first official day!  We're excited to join the many downtown Durham start-ups that are tackling big business problems while also contributing to urban renewal in the community.  To get us started, let me tell you a little about Windsor Circle:

As a company, our goal is to unlock the data that eCommerce marketers have stored throughout their software ecosystem.  Think of it as middleware or cloud integration software with a singular focus on online retail.  It's too common we hear marketers lament the data integration struggles that distract them from executing marketing campaigns, satisfying customers and generating revenue.  We're out to change that by integrating the most popular software applications that online retailers use to run their businesses.  Imagine a world where you never have to import or export another .csv file, and never wait on IT to generate the report you need, and never log into six different applications to find the performance data you need to measure the success of a marketing campaign.  We can - and we're working hard to make that world a reality.  Product development has picked up in 2011, so stay tuned for a beta release.

We're extremely excited about our new office in the old Penny Furniture store on East Chapel Hill St. in downtown Durham.  We owe many thanks to Michael Kerr, Founder and Principal of Edge Office, for making this space available to us.  Check them out if your business is looking to update its workspace environment.  We've settled in nicely and are hard at work bringing Windsor Circle to life.

 Windsor Circle office


Windsor Circle Office



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