Lets Chat about Retaining your Holiday Customers


I'll be moderating the #ETChat Twitter Conversation this Thursday, Dec 13th, at 11 am EST, hosted by ExactTarget, about a topic hot on retailer marketers' minds this season: how do I retain my holiday customers? 

Many online retailers have spent a lot of time, effort, and money to drive traffic to their websites this holiday season. Hopefully a decent portion of this traffic has converted into a first time buyer, or at the very least, a subscriber. 

But when you factor in the costs of acquisition - from free shipping, to discounts, to PPC, to the new costs associated with Google Product Shopping - many retailers only just break even on each new holiday customer.  Most retailers unlock the real customer value by converting them from a one-time to a repeat buyer, which requires a solid retention marketing strategy that goes into effect right after the holidays.  Our data shows a near 5 times increase in Customer Lifetime Value of a repeat customer.

On this Twitter chat, I'll pose 7 questions.  Everyone watching the hashtag (#ETCafe) can post their own thoughts, and I'll add Windsor Circle's insights and ideas.  Just make sure you use #ETCafe in your tweet if you want your comment to be part of the public conversation.  What's more, we're giving away a $50 Gift Card to the retailer of your choice for the best tweets; AND, a second $50 Gift Card drawn randomly from folks who fill 0ut this short entry form.

So, mark your calendars for #ETCafe: Retaining your Holiday Customers, Thursday, Dec 13th, 11:00-12:00 AM EDT


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    What are some of the best strategies you are using to keep your holiday customers? <br /> <br /> How are you collecting contact information?<br /> <br /> https://www.fattmerchant.com/Blog/how-to-keep-your-holiday-customers-for-the-entire-year/?utm_medium=social&amp;utm_campaign=content-distribution&amp;utm_source=social&amp;utm_content=null&amp;utm_term=null
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